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Public Education – Advancing the Future

The Future-Ready Innovation Lab

The ST. VRAINNOVATION Future-Ready Innovation Lab is a cutting-edge technology and innovation center in a mobile environment, emphasizing virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, design-thinking, aeronautics, as well as STEM and early learning experiences that will excel students’ learning and extend public education beyond the classroom.

What if instead of researching the ocean floor, students could travel there? Or instead of studying the chambers of the heart, students could manipulate one virtually and explore every fiber and vessel? Technology has the power to transform and St. Vrain Valley Schools is transforming public education by giving all 33,000 students in our district access to the world and beyond.

St. Vrain Valley Schools is advancing public education for our communities, state and nation. We are preparing our students for their future by giving them a strong competitive advantage that will empower the advancement of our world. We do this by cultivating extraordinary opportunities for students to access technology, connect with industry, and catalyze design-thinking and solutions-focused learning.


The ST. VRAINNOVATION Future-Ready Innovation Lab is 100% funded by these and many other industry and nonprofit partners.

Buckeye Mountain, Sphero, Seagate, SparkFun, and Misty Robotics

Thank you to our community for supporting the advancement of public education and outstanding opportunities for our students.

Design-Thinking Challenges

for students to engage with industry
experts to design the hospital room of the future

Current & Future Programming


Alongside resources and space to facilitate collaboration and design-thinking, the Future-Ready Innovation Lab has one of the most modern and inclusive technology infrastructures in all of education.

Collaboration Space

for high school students to teach
elementary students computer programming
skills through robotics

Pilot Classroom

for teachers to develop lessons utilizing
virtual reality to explore arctic ecosystems

Community Center

for seniors to experience a 21st-century classroom
and use virtual reality to travel through time and space

Technology Includes:

Windows and Apple Technologies including iPads, Smart Devices; Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality; Robotics; Aviation; Maker Space; 3D Printing; Laser Cutting; 360 Video Production; Audio Editing; Graphic Design; Gamification; and much more

The Future-Ready Innovation Lab

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The Future-Ready Innovation Lab is ready to take the community by #StVrainStorm and will be highly visible at many upcoming events throughout the area. Follow us on Twitter, join us an upcoming event, or apply to request the Innovation Lab at your next event.

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Upcoming Public Events

Request the Innovation Lab at an Upcoming Event

Each year the Mobile Lab is able to participate in several school system and community-oriented events – the Boulder County Fair and the Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Unity in the Community’ are prime examples. For an event to be considered, the following requirements must be met.

- Approved application w/90 day lead time (3 months)


- Event locale must meet all EVENT SPECIFICATIONS

Partner Events

In addition to school and community events, industry partners have the opportunity to engage with St. Vrain and the Mobile Lab to create customized events. These events require a higher level of planning between St. Vrain staff and potential partners, but should also meet the minimum requirements of a ‘Community Event’.

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